Friday, February 09, 2007

The Idol Wife

Dear Pastor Lawyer,

Consider the following: Suppose “Demetrius, [the] silversmith, which made silver shrines for Diana,” (a fertility goddess, no less – Acts 19) became converted to Christ (3 John 1:12?). Then suppose he had a Christian wife whose beauty he enjoyed, which, of course, is allowed him by God’s grace. But now, suppose he decides to use his experienced skills to create a silver sculpture of his wife, but for his (& her) eyes only (like, maybe he kept it under a sheet, “with password protection,” or something like that). What do you think the apostles Paul or John would say to that, and perhaps “think[ing] also that [they] have the Spirit of God” (I Cor. 7:40)?


Dear Robert,

I don't know preciselywhat Paul or John would say, but here's what I would say, "Demetrius, what does your wife think about your making a statue of her for your enjoyment (when she isn't there)?" My guess is that she wouldn't feel loved. Women, generally, don't think of themselves as objects to be "enjoyed" in that way. Love making is about giving not getting, and most women know this and feel used or abused by men who think of them as objects for their own private physical enjoyment.

I've never met a woman who would be comfortable having her body recreated in any way. They are usually their own worst critic and would "die" if they knew someone had made a statue of them; especially in the . The “internet” women who show-off their bodies to perverted men have something wrong with them (not necessarily mental, but spiritual). And so they pretend to enjoy men thinking of them in the ways they do.

So, I would say, "Demetrius, stop thinking like a pagan man and love your wife in the way she needs to be loved. Honor her, adore her, lift her up to God, and make her beautiful in a godly way rather than a worldly way."

That's what I think I'd say.

Pastor Lawyer

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