Thursday, February 08, 2007

Plato's Ideal Leader

In Plato’s ideal state, those who can see beyond the immediate physical realm to what is truly “good” and “just” ought to lead. And as leaders, they ought not chiefly to seek their own happiness, but rather to use the tools of the state to likewise instruct and guide those they lead into true goodness and justice—or, in other words, to craft the souls of citizens toward noble character.

The challenge of Plato’s writings to modern readers is threefold: to select leaders of character (able to see and practice true goodness and justice); to hold those leaders accountable for fostering and rewarding character in those they lead; and, as leaders in our own right, to strive to develop our own character. Then, whether in our families, churches, or communities, we can lead from that powerful core.

Guinness, p. 51.

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