Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Quote of the Day

This seems like a harsh way to explain the possible inner workings of self-injury [nail biting, anorexia, cutters, self-punchers, etc], but if we really believe that self-injurers share a bond with those who don't purposely injure themselves, we would expect self-injurers to have a lot of “self” motivating their behavior. We all do! Scripture consistently reminds us that our greatest prob­lem, even more than Satan himself, is our selfish desires (James 4:1-3). Pride and self-interest tend to rule our hearts. Contrary to what we may think, self-love is never a biblical command. The command is that we love others to the degree that we love ourselves (Matt. 19:18). [Welch, Edward T., Self Injury: When Pain Feels (Good P& R Publishing, 2004), pg. 11]

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