Monday, July 17, 2006

Quote of the Day: Medication and Personality

This not a Christian book and it is not an idea I'm promoting. I just thought it was an interesting perspective on the use of drugs and psychology in our culture.

"The operational definition of wellness must be in relation to the demands and goals of our society, here and now. Once we have seen the joy of patients’ faces, we can only be grateful for the availability of more powerful and specific medication. But the awareness that what we are altering is a personal style that might have succeeded in a different, and not especially distant, culture may make us wonder whether we are using medication in a service of conformity to societal values. Indeed, experience with medication may make us aware of how exigent our culture is in its behavior demands." [Kramer, Peter D., Listening to Prozac (Penguin Books, 1993, 1997), pg. 41]

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