Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Better the Eggs the Better the Omelet

Pastor Mike,

What is my role in God's Kingdom?


Hi Wilbur,

That's quite a question. The way I see it the goal of every Christian is to be like Christ. At the same time the church is the body of Christ and thus the whole body should be looking more and more like Christ. So we have individuals looking like Christ and the whole church looking like Christ. Sort of like eggs in an omelet. To have an omelet, you have to have eggs. The better the eggs the better the omelet.

According the tone and context of Scripture the Christian life begins with corporate worship and that is normally on Sundays. Everything else springs from that. Worship includes the music, prayer, ministry of the word, Lord's Supper, fellowship with God and with the saints, and doing it all as whole families.

Then, after church on Sundays, you should go to work and take your Christianity with you. If you are a business man, you are a Christian business man. This means that you will conduct yourself as if you were Christ working for your employer, for your customers, for your co-workers, and for your employees. When you go home after work, you drive as a Christian driver, being considerate and kind to the other drivers, praying for them and lifting them up to the Lord. Then when you get home, you do so as a Christian father and husband. You hug and kiss your wife and kids, you ask what you can do to help with the routine of the home, you lead in family worship, you help with the homework, you read a little, you talk to your wife about her day, you make love to her, you go to sleep and dream godly dreams, and do it again the next day.

You ask your wife to invite the neighbors over for a bbq on Friday or Saturday evening and you feed them. You care about them, you shine the love of Christ on them, you pray for them to wonder about why your children and wife love and respect you, and you answer their questions in a loving and winsome way. You don't preach to them, or act like you're someone special, you just share the love and grace of God with them.

Then on Sunday, you begin it all over again.

I know I've left some things out. The important thing is to do it in front of the God who loves you and gave his son to die for you. Do it all with him, in him, and for his glory. Be free, not guilt ridden. Do what you do because you believe it. If you don't feel like serving, pray that God would give you a servant's heart. If you are all tight and don't know what to do, just relax and wait on the Lord. Study his word, participate in worship, and ask him to lead you. If you see something that should be done, see if you can do it. In all that you do, do it for the glory of God, rejoicing in him as you do.

I hope this helps.

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