Friday, March 12, 2010

Tired of Mediocrity

This came from my friend Jim Wilson's blog.

To Know This Mystery by Dr. Lewis L. Brock, M.D.

Status Quo!

I’m so tired of mediocrity, Lord,
Weary of the commonplace
Jaded by the customary
Of business as usual
Of life restrained
Shallow and muted

Of preoccupation with trivia
Small talk and egomania
And knowledge falsely so-called
Of confusion called art
Noise called music
Dys-symphony praised

Of self-centered anarchy
Empty and deceptive
Vacuous and suspect
Embracing the usual
As exceptional and normal
A herd mentality of
Unquestioned acceptance
Of what nature suggests
Undisciplined and self-indulgent
The “everybody does it”

Of great swelling words
Form without substance
Religion devoid of power
Profession and little more.

O natural talent confused with spiritual power
Education equated with competence
Conformity without struggle
Life lacking veracity
Suppositions without challenge
Approval before proof
Fizz instead of ebullience
Observation not participation
Frustration and nothingness
Nowhere to go.

When you were here, Lord,
You promised life abundant,
Overflowing, pressed down,
Shaken together and running over.

You said, “He that believes in Me
As the scripture has said
From him shall flow
Living streams of water.”
Out of internal reservoirs
Alive and life-giving
Abundant, satisfying, his gift
God’s spirit within.

Lord Jesus, never let me affirm the status quo
Or embrace the mediocre,
Accept the commonplace
For this denies your presence;
Makes me tell lies about You

And repudiates the purpose of Pentecost,
Estranges me from my heritage
Shames the Son of God
And denigrates his purposes
For my world.

So, Lord, God of grace, I search my heart.
In your eternal presence
I bare my soul
To know this mystery among the nations
My hope of glory now and forever:
Christ in me
God’s great secret
Completely whole
Vibrantly alive, totally free!

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