Monday, March 08, 2010

Eldon Cernik RIP

Our God and Father, we come to you this morning offering our prayers and our lives to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We know that through Jesus’ death and because of his resurrection we are brought into your presence and a relationship with you. Jesus’ resurrection from the dead shows us not only that you love and accept Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf, but also that you accept us in his name and will always accept us in his name. We come to you now and because of Jesus’ resurrection we know that we will come to you in death. We have confidence in this and rejoice and exalt your Holy Name.

Life in you is salvation. We have been saved from the world and its rebellious hold over those who do not know you. We are saved to freedom, freedom from the cares, lusts, and boasting the world presents. We don’t need to try to prove ourselves to anyone, because the enemy has no hold on us. We belong to you, and live for you, and have been changed from the inside out — into the likeness of your Son Jesus Christ. And so we renounce the world around us and once again pledge ourselves to serving only you with all our heart, mind, soul and strength.

This morning father, we are gathered to remember one of our own who has left us to join in that great cloud of witnesses who watch the race from a new seat. Eldon Cernik came to be one of your children late in life, but when he came he came with great joy and peace. He impacted many many people, not least of all his family and our church family. Those here today are only a small number of people who blessed you because of Eldon’s presence in our midst. He brought joy and excitement, he always had a smile, a joke, a friendly comment and we will miss him.

Father, at times like this, we are sad for our loss. We won’t be able to joke with Eldon again in this life. We won’t be able to help him, to care for him, to shake his hand, to laugh with him. But we know that we have a high priest who has gone through everything we go through. Jesus, the righteous one, knows what we are feeling. He was a man of sorrows. He is acquainted with our grief. But he was a man who trusted in you to do the best for him and for his people. We are his people and so we trust in you also.

Besides being one who is knows our grief, Jesus is our great high priest, interceding on behalf of the saints. He knows our weakness and so he represents our pain to you. He knows Eldon and we know he represented Eldon before you and so we know that Eldon has no more pain, is not suffering, is filled with Joy inexpressible. Jesus is our great high priest, and so we ask that you would use your Holy Spirit to bless your name as we remember our friend, brother, father, and grandfather Eldon Cernik. We pray that you would comfort Eldon’s family and friends as we all grieve for him; that you would encourage Eldon’s family and friends with the knowledge that we can trust in you because you loved Eldon far more than any of us ever did or ever will. Teach us to trust you in all things, for all things.

We offer this memorial service to you in the great name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And amen.

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