Monday, September 12, 2011

Just Stop It

The way the Bible views sin and the way the world views addictions is very different.  Repeated sin is just that repeated sin. It may be a habit, but it doesn't absolutely cause a person to do what he does. A habit is just a decision we make quicker. Pornography is no different. It scratches an itch for men and women. It fills a void in their lives. It gives something they aren't getting anywhere else. It is all false, idolatrous, sinful, shortsighted, and temporary, but it is not an addiction in the sense that the world thinks of addiction.

To answer your question, yes, if a person handles his sin in the Biblical way, by confessing, repenting, and walking with God, he can and will be free from it in the same way that everyone is free from past sins. God is good and he does work in hearts to free people from the sin that entangles them.

Many non-Biblical counselors do recommend people go to 12-step groups for everything from sex to clutters ( It is the world's way of dealing with things that are too large for them because they don't know where behavior comes from and how to help a person change. Think about how the 12-step groups work. They assume a disease model, but do they "treat" the people as if it were a disease? No. They tell the person to stop doing whatever it is and then help them stop by putting them with a friend, calling on God as they perceive him, go to meetings every day or week, and shame them into stopping. But it is all simply, "stop doing whatever this meeting is about." It never gets to the heart which is where behavior comes from (Lk. 6:45).

I don't think anyone can overcome his past with will power and prayer. These two things can't change anything. But because God is real and he cares, he can enter into a person's heart and transform him and clean his heart and make him new in this area of his life. This does not mean that the temptations will ever stop, but it does mean that he will handle the temptation differently than he used to. Does it guarantee that he will never fall again? No. But it does mean real change, deep change.

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