Saturday, June 21, 2008

Teens and Facebook

Hello Mike,

I hesitate to write, thinking my question may sound trite or just downright foolish in some way. Or I fear the fact that I am just turning into grumpy old lady! But here it goes. What are your thoughts about teenagers engaging in the social activity of FACEBOOK? Is there anything I could read on the subject that would help in making decisions on the matter. I would also like to know how you and Eileen feel personally on the subject.

I am thinking along the lines of 'Ideas Have Consequences' but unfortunately Richard Weaver does not address this in his book.

Blessings, and hope you are having a wonderful summer!


Hi Sally,

I don't have a problem with teens doing Facebook as long as they know what they are doing. They should know that the whole world is watching what they are doing, that they represent Jesus Christ in everything they do, that they can be just as stupid online as anywhere else, and that Facebook is a public forum. I would make sure that the parents have all the necessary passwords and regularly look at and even participate in the event. It should be an extension of normal life in the family, no secrets, no sneakiness, no deception, no flirting, oh yeah I almost forgot—have fun.

It would probably good for the elders to visit the kids in the church's blogs, Facebook and whatever else is out there. In many ways people write, do and say much more on line than they ever would in public and in person because they have this illusion that they are being private or bold or some other goofy thing that really isn't true.

Teach them to love the Lord and let them go nuts, that's what I say.

If you let them have a Facebook and they abuse it, clamp down hard and give them the freedom back slowly. But let them know that you will be participating in it and will be looking in on it from time to time--and then do what you say.

I hope this helps,

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