Friday, June 06, 2008

Prayer of Praise

Great God of glory, we praise Your name from the mountains to the ocean. From the canyons to the plains. We adore Your majesty from one end of the earth to the other, our praise has not limits because your presence has no end.

You order all things for Your glory, and we desire to participate in that glory by praising you with right praises; delighting in your person and presence in the same way You do. Father, Your zeal for Your name is great, and in our praises we seek to imitate that zeal. Empower us by the Holy Spirit, now, so that we may enter into your presence and adequately express some of that zeal.

Cause us to lose ourselves in your presence and so to keep from exalting ourselves. Keep us from taking any pride in the fact that you have favored us, but cause us to remember that it is for your sake you have chosen us and nothing in us at all.

Take us up, lift us up out of petty concerns, so that we might praise Your name without any self centered distractions.

We praise Your holy name


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