Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Center Begins with Worship

The historic Protestant Church is the Historic Church as exemplified in the creeds and confessions of the church through history and continues on in the five solas of the Reformation. The “who gets to decide” part is defined by those who, in and by faith, assume the center of the church community; preaching and worshiping God in Christ and doing what he said to do with all of their might and strength. Here in Moscow, we’ve just assumed that what God said is true and we preach it and strive to live it. In the process are gradually taking the lead in community in many areas to God’s glory.

The goal is not institutional consensus among the other Christians and churches, but rather spiritual agreement that, “yes, those guys are doing what ought to be done in terms of worship and the living out of their theology in the world.” We don’t care whether other Christians come to our church as much as we care whether we see them in glory when we meet on Sundays in the presence of God. In fact, we already have enough problems with space, so it would be better if they just caught on fire and do what we’re doing where they are.

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