Thursday, March 20, 2008

How Parishes Work

We have divided our town in to geographic sections there is a Parish Elder in each parish. I am an elder in the parish called the Baxter Parish. We meet together every month to discuss the issues of the church and to pray for one another. We also meet at least once a month for fellowship and feasting. In addition we have a weekly Bible study that the members of the parish are encouraged to attend. When we have these various get-togethers we often invite our neighbors and other local friends whether they are Christians attending another local church or not. The goal is to get to the place geographically where we can get to know all the neighbors in our parish in such a way that we care for one another and take care of one another—praying for one another and leading one another to an initial walk with God and then on to a deeper walk with God.

To be honest ours is probably the most active parish in the community and we have a long way to go to get our neighbors involved in the community (even church members are not as active at the parish level as we would like). But the goal is to assume the center of the community in every way and to bring our neighborhoods to Christ (both Christians and non-Christians) through fellowship and friendship.

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