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Study Questions for Exodus 13

Study Questions for Exodus 13

What has been going on so far in the book? Chapter?

Verses 1-2

V. 1—When did what follows happen?

Probably during the first day, or during the first phase of the trip. It was meant to encourage the people and to help them remember who had brought them to this place in the dessert and why. They were supposed to have the right spirit and heart for the trip and grow in their understanding of who God was and what he had done for them.

v. 2—What does ‘consecrate’ mean? Set apart as holy, special, for a particular purpose. Exo. 3:5

Who were the Israelites supposed to consecrate?

What is a ‘firstborn’? Deut 21:15-17

To whom were they to consecrate them?

Was this to apply to only people? Who or what else?

Why were they to consecrate the firstborn? Num. 3:41; 18:15-17

Verses 2-16

V. 3—What are the people to remember?

What is their time in Egypt labeled as?

How did the Lord bring them out? What did he use to bring them out?

How shall they remember that day?

What does food have to do with it all?

v. 4—In what month are they going to go out of Egypt?

v. 5—Where is God taking the Israelites? The ‘you’ shifts from singular to plural here.

Should the people have known that they would be moving into these lands? Why? Gen 12:7

What flows in this land? What does this mean?

What are they to do when they get into this “promised” land?

How often?

v. 6—For how long should they make this observation?

How should they observe this special time?

What shall they do at the end of the week?

What does it meant that “the feast shall be to the Lord”?

v. 7—What does God seem to think about leaven during this week?

Why does God seem to have such an antipathy toward leaven? What does leaven represent?

How pervasive is the ban on leaven?

What does this say about the bread they made after the feast?

v. 8—Who are they to tell the story?

Why doesn’t it mention daughters?

What are they to tell their sons?

v. 9—What is to become a sign?

What is a sign?

What is a memorial? Matt 23:5; Prov. 6:21; Deut. 11:18

What does it all have to do with the Law?

What is the Law?

How does the sign in their hand bring the Law to their mouth? It is meant to remind them all the time that they belong to God and have a responsibility to serve him alone.

How did God bring Israel out of Egypt?

Why does he keep saying all of this over and over?

v. 10—Why is the ‘therefore’ in verse 10?

For how long shall the Israelites keep this memorial?

v. 11, 12—What are the people supposed to do when they get into the land of the Canaanites?

Who do all the first borns belong to? Why is that? God gave them everything they own. Giving back the first fruits goes back to Gen. 4 and is a recognition that God owns it all.

Who do everyone else belong to?

v. 13—How are the people supposed to consecrate the first born donkeys? Donkeys stand for all unclean animals and were beasts of burden.

What does redeem mean?

What about your first born ostrich, dog, or cat?

What are you to do if you don’t accept God’s provision for redemption for your donkey?

What about people? What should you do with your sons? Num 18:16; Luke 2:23

v. 14—What should a father say when his son asks why we’re doing this funny thing?

v. 15—What happened when Pharaoh ignored God’s entreaties and threats?

The of all the children in Egypt paid the way for Israel to escape slavery. Freedom costs something and that something is very costly. Freedom costs life.

What all did the Lord kill in the land of Egypt?

v. 16—What is the ‘it’ in verse 16?

What shall it signify?

Nothing was more certain to boost their faith than the fact that the discussion is based on a ‘when’ not an ‘if’ (p. 239, Mackay).

Verses 17-22 Numbers 33:1-49 fuller description of the trip

v. 17—Who were the Philistines and where did they live? Gen. 21:32-34

Why didn’t God take them through the land of the Philistines?

Why would they change their minds more readily going that route than the other one?

v. 18—Which way did God take the Israelites?

What kind of land was it?

Which direction was it?

What is the Red Sea? 1 Kings 9:26; Jer. 49:21

How were the people prepared?

Why would he equip them for battle?

How does the family situation fit into “equipped for battle”?

v. 19—What did the people take with them besides their belongings?

Why did they take Joseph’s bones? Jacob’s bones Gen 49:29-32; Josh. 24:32

What was the promise given by Joseph?

Did God visit them?

v. 20—Where did they go from and to in their next move?

How long did it take?

v. 21—How did they know where to go, or when to stop?

What does it mean that the Lord went before then “in” a pillar of cloud?

What does the New Testament say about this pillar? 1 Co. 10:1ff

What went before them at night? Probably only one pillar. God was in it so it probably shone at night and the shine was diminished by the sunshine during the day. Lam. 3:44; Ex. 3:2; 19:18; 24:17

Did they travel day and night?

When did they sleep?

v. 22—For how long did the pillars stay with the people on their journey?

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