Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Reasons why I can't submit:
1.        I'm smarter than he/she is.
2.        I’m more experienced than they are.
3.        I'm much more spiritually mature than they are.
4.        They are irresponsible.
5.        They are not respectable.
6.        They don't have their act together.
7.        I'll submit when I learn to hate my rebelliousness as sin.
8.        I'm very submissive in general, but…
9.        I don't agree with their assessment of the situation.
10.     They've hurt me before.
11.     I've been hurt by others in the same situation.
12.     I'm too bitter.
13.     Whatever other excuse I can come up with.

Reasons why I can submit:
1.        God commands it.
2.        It is not primarily them I am submitting to, it is God.
3.        God's commands are not burdensome.
4.        God will take care of me in whatever situation he has placed me.
5.        My submission to my boss, parents, husband, government, etc. has nothing to do with whether they are worthy of submission. I submit for the sake of Christ and for God's glory.
6.        I love God, so I obey him.
7.        Sometimes my submission helps the person I'm submitting to draw closer to God (and thus become more qualified to lead).

What does it mean to submit?
1.        Obey cheerfully.
2.        Encourage them.
3.        Be chipper.
4.        Anticipate service.
5.        Respect
6.        Speak to others about them in an uplifting way.
7.        Give opinion respectfully.
8.        Support their decisions.
9.        Do not gossip about them.
10.     Do not get bitter about them.

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