Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Thrill Now? Thrill Then?

When you have done what God asks, for the right reasons, the outcome is that you will feel victorious and joyful. If, after being obedient, you still feel like you would have rather done the sinful thing, you need to go back to God and confess not being satisfied with his grace and provision. Not being satisfied in what he has given is a form of grumbling and that's its own sin.

Feelings are important. They often tell us what our hearts are really lusting after. If we lust after God, we're doing well and he will satisfy our lusts filling us with joy. If we lust after sin we will feel ugly and dirty. So, how do you feel? If you want joy, long lasting and eternal joy, then walk with God. If you want the cheap, short lived, though very strong thrill that masquerades as joy, then sin. But know that God provides emotions for both choices we make. And he won't chase us around forever.
It is interesting that we don't get the same thrill before being obedient that we get while flirting with sin, but it is just the opposite after we've either obeyed or fallen to sin. I guess the question then is, do you want the thrill after the act or before the act? Which one pleases God and builds you, your family, your culture, and your world? Which one destroys you, your family, your culture, and your world?

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