Monday, February 01, 2010

Not Real Science

Hi Wilbur,

I understand what you said [an explanation of evolution]. Except for a few of the particulars, I've known what you're saying for the past 50 years or so. There's nothing new here.

What I'm wondering about is why you are so content to believe what they are telling you. You must not be a baby boomer. In the baby boomer generation, one of the creeds was, "Why?" "Why should I believe you?" "Who says?" "Where did you get that?"

The way we used it was to challenge authority, and to upset anything that stood for solidarity or permanence. Change was always good, even if it was for its own sake.

Now that I've grown up and matured a bit I still ask the questions, but without the socialist and communistic bent and attitude. I no longer think change is good in and of itself. But I also don't trust everyone anymore. Just because someone wears a white coat and claims to be a scientist does not make it so. Science is no longer a god for me; and certainly not non-science.

This gets me back to your understanding of the world. You need to go back several steps with regard to the theory of evolution. The reason it is still a theory is because it has not been proven. It is not a fact. Just because many people believe it is more than a theory, it is still just a theory.

You need to ask "where did this theory come from?" and "What is it trying to explain?" In science we observe certain things around us and try to come up with explanations for why it appears to be this way. "What things were people seeing and trying to explain when they came up with the theory of evolution?" It seems to me that in order to come up with the theory of evolution they should have been finding all sorts of fossils and evidence of various kinds of animals, plants, and inorganic material and wondered why there are so many slight variations in everything. Instead, they found a number of completely different kinds of organic and inorganic materials. They did not find any evidence for and have not observed any "in between" kinds of things. Everything is different, though with general similarities. For example, A monkey has a number characteristics that are similar to a human, but a monkey is distinctly different than a man. And there is nothing in existence now, and no evidence of anything in history that was a sort of slide between the two. This was particularly true when the theory was first put forward.

The evidence shows that the "scientists" believed in the theory of evolution before they had any evidence for the theory. They have spent the past 100 years or so, trying hard to prove that the theory is correct. This is exactly backwards from the way science is supposed to work and why I keep putting it in quotations. There are aspects of biology, anthropology, and archeology that are scientific, but the parts that deal with or assume evolution as part of their study are not real sciences.

But more importantly, you need to ask more basic questions still: "What is the theory of evolution saying about the origins of life?" At its root, isn't the theory of evolution saying that everything exists of matter being acted on by time and chance? But where did the initial matter come from? And do you really believe that if this matter could have spontaneously existed, it could have made it to man in a mere 4.5 billion years? This is an especially apropos question, if nothing has happened in the past, what did you say, 80,000 years?

I don't know if you noticed this or not but 80,000 years ago, no one was writing. So this period was pre-historic. This means that even that last real change occurred before we could verify it. Science, real science, is supposed to be verifiable and testable and able to be reviewed. Nothing in the theory of evolution is any of these things. So, it isn't science.

Then there's that truth, beauty, and goodness thing. Only the Bible has a real explanation for what we see around us. It is as verifiable as anything that exists in history. It has changed millions of people's lives. It has changed whole cultures and influenced countless others.

God created the Heavens and the earth. God created men in his image, which explains why man is not a primate. Men rebelled against God. God chose a people (of which you are one), to represent him in the earth. They went the way of the original man and God provided another man to save his people from their rebellion. This man was Jesus, both man and God. He died so that his people wouldn't have to die for their own rebelliousness. All a person has to do to avail himself of the blessings of this sacrifice, is believe it and put his trust in God.

The primary reason Darwin came up with the theory of evolution was to try to explain creation without attributing anything to God. It didn't make any more sense in his day than it does in ours, but it was an attempt to get away from the obligations that the existence of God places on his creation. But you know God exists. You are Jewish. You know that if God hadn't chosen your ancestors you would more than likely not exist today. You know that being Jewish means something in world history and that that history is tied up in YHWH. You also know that YHWH requires something of you. Turn back to him. Embrace him. Turn to his Messiah. Embrace him.

I hope this helps.

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