Friday, November 19, 2010

When Mother Dies

I'm praying that God would do his best for your mother. I know how great the grief is when you mother goes to be with the Lord.

I knew my mother was dying years before she actually died, but the loss still hits me from time to time and is very emotional. I didn't live with her for many years, but there's something about your mother dying that is a lot more than simply a close person leaving your life. I think it is connected to the sense of homeness (I know that isn't a word, but it should be). Home is wherever Mom is and when she dies there is a sense that home dies too. And then, what is there? A different kind of loneliness and even emptiness. I guess that's why the Bible encourages us with the idea that God is preparing a place for us to call home. And his home is much greater than anything we've experienced on this earth. But the missing is still present, and at least on this earth, there is nowhere to call home anymore.

I work hard to make my eyes focus on the future heavenly home, and usually I do a good job of it, but there's something about a mother that is unique to all of life that way.

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