Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Unity in Action

The Lord’s Supper is one of those events that puts into practice the things we have been talking about here this morning. The Bible says that when we eat this meal together we proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes (1 Co. 11:26). But we are saying much more than that Jesus died. We are also saying that he died for us. We are proclaiming that his death paid the price for all our sins. Jesus’ death took our punishment and his resurrection gave us life. We live because he lives.
But we live in a certain way. When we partake of this meal, we are proclaiming that Christ’s death brought us together into one new man. When we enter into this new relationship with Christ, because of Christ’s death, we cease being just a bunch of individuals with separate desires, goals, dreams, and lives. We become one new man. When we eat the bread, we eat one loaf. The Bible says we are one loaf, eating one loaf, eating Christ as Christ’s body.
When we proclaim the Lord’s death, we are shouting to the world that we are unified in Christ. We are one man. We are his body, he is our head. We are no longer parents, children, siblings, co-workers, friends, neighbors, or even enemies. We are one man.
Then, because it is true, we are one man, we come together eating and drinking and thus our proclamation shows itself in our actions. We wait for one another to eat, so that we can eat together in unity. We wait for one another to drink so that we can drink together in unity. We proclaim our unity, by being unified.
Father in Heaven we thank you for your glorious plan of salvation. You have been more than kind to us, you have given us more than we could ever imagine in Christ. We thank you and we bless you and pray that you would be glorified in all that we do and proclaim. We thank you in the name of our Risen Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

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