Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Strolling Over A Cliff

The Bible tells us that Jesus is Lord over all. This does not mean there aren’t other authorities in our lives, but it does mean that they are not absolute and they are not going to be able to do anything for us eternally. They can, however, affect us eternally because everything we face can be a test, or temptation to either draw nearer to our Lord, or to fall away from him. If we are told to follow someone who is asking us to sin, we are forced to choose between two authorities. Will we follow Jesus and obey God? Or will we obey the lesser authority and disobey God?

Sometimes this antithesis is obvious. For example, if your boss were to tell you to cheat one of your customers, this is clearly a violation of the law of God. Or suppose you saw one of your friends wearing a really great pair of new shoes and you want a pair just like them. So you covet your friend’s shoes, or the money he has that allows him to buy great shoes, and thus you sin against the law of God.

But sometimes the issues are very involved and intricate and not so obvious. For example, should you support the conservative political candidate because he is more conservative than his opponent? What if he does not actually support anything you believe in? Would you compromise your confession to get a little bit of space from the government, all the while knowing that instead of running off the cliff, this “conservative” candidate is simply strolling along off the cliff?

It is important to remember that the Bible gives us everything we need for life and godliness (2 Pet. 1:3). Long after your company goes belly up and is no more, Jesus will still be Lord. A thousand years after our nation has passed away, Jesus will still be Lord. When we are all long dead and in the ground, Jesus will still be Lord. He is Lord over all.

What you are responsible to do is to live with the Lordship of Jesus firmly planted in your mind and live honorably and humbly before your God and fellow man. If you get involved with a very tame hobby, remember that Jesus is Lord. If you get involved in government and politics, don’t forget that Jesus is Lord. If you just sit at home and watch TV, remember Jesus is Lord. And this reminds us to confess our sins.

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