Friday, January 22, 2010

Too Content

If God is dissatisfied, then I should be as well. Yet I am persuaded that our problem is not that we are dissatisfied, but that we are all too easily satisfied. We are easily satisfied with an externalistic and episodic Christianity that lives most fully on Sunday morning. We are easily satisfied with an approach to theological knowledge and biblical literacy that does not reshape and redefine how we live. We easily are satisfied with marriages that are more marital detente than they are pictures of one-flesh unity. We are easily satisfied with raising children who learn to jump through our behavioral hoops, but don't really have hearts for God. We are easily satisfied having casual relationships with neighbors who live in darkness and desperately need to see the Light of Life. We are all too content to lower our standards enough to participate in entertainment that is increasingly perverse in its depiction life. 
Broken-Down House, Paul David Tripp, p. 197.

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